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Khanal-Nepal Standing Committee Meeting Begins

Kathmandu: A meeting of the standing committee members of UML's Jhala Nath Khanal-Madhav Nepal has started. The meeting scheduled to be held at Mega Party Palace in Kalanki at 11 am was delayed by about an hour and a half.

The meeting is attended by senior leaders Jhala Nath Khanal, Madhav Nepal, and leaders Surendra Pandey, Veduram Bhusal, Yuvraj Gyawali, Ghanshyam Bhushal, Yogesh Bhattarai, and Ashtalakshmi Shakya. Leaders have said that the discussion will focus on formulating a new strategy after Chairman KP Sharma Oli takes action against four people, including senior leader Nepal.

In today's meeting, the Khanal-Nepal side will prepare an integrated document on organizational strengthening. The meeting is said to formulate an integrated action plan for strengthening the organization. According to a leader of the Same group, the working paper passed at the national cadre meeting held on April 19 and 20 is planned to be distributed to the lower committee as a document by making necessary amendments.

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