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Nepalese Free Fire players disappointed with Tri-Series exclusion, demand review from Garena

Recently, Garena announced the next tournament in the fray for the South Asian region, the Free Fire Tri-Series that boasts a massive prize pool of $50,000 (approximately NPR 58.6 lakhs). It will commence on April 9th and conclude on April 25th.

This event will feature the top six teams from the three regional championships – India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. They will be grinding out for the champions' crown and the lion's share of the prize money.

However, this announcement did not go down well with players from Nepal. They are disappointed over their exclusion from the Tri-Series event and demanded that Garena look into this issue. 

Nepalese players are spamming hashtags all over social media including Twitter. They are also demanding own server for Nepal. "Bangladesh recently got their's own server for free fire, our demand is also to bring Nepal's own server for the Nepalese players", One user said to us. 

The user also said, "We do have the best free fire players but we didn't get fair platforms, our players are being underrated. We asked Sooneeta, a member of Team LAVA to raise voice for Nepalese players but she exploited us instead." 

"Team LAVA fears if Nepalese talented players start playing for the tournaments then their's (Team LAVA's) identity will be lost." a user said. At last, the user said "We just want a platform for Nepalese free fire players to grow by giving them a fair platform which will be easy and fair for them and worth for their's hard work gameplay. I also request more players either Free Fire or from other e-Sports players to fight for the Nepalese player to grow." 

Currently, there is no official statement from the Gareena regarding this social media spam from Nepalese Players. Players from Nepal have been visibly upset over a lack of reserved spots for teams from the country in the upcoming Tri-Series tournament.

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