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Oli, who rose from anti-India slogans, has now taken refuge in India: Sher Bahadur Deuba

Kathmandu: Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba has accused Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli of seeking refuge in India. Speaking at a program organized in Kathmandu on the occasion of the 52nd founding day of the Nepal Students' Association on Monday, Deuba said that Oli, who had emerged from anti-India slogans, was now facing India. Therefore, he says, Prime Minister Oli has no nationalism.

"As the communists are opportunists, there is no possibility of forming a Congress-led government right now," Deuba said. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture. He said, 'Oli, who was called the most nationalist yesterday, is now the Tavansharan of India. Oli, who was inspired by anti-India slogans, has now taken refuge in India. Where is his nationalism? Therefore, they are not nationalists, they are nothing. These are just opportunists. So let's see what happens. I don't have much hope and the potential is the same. Politics is also a game of chance. The Art of Possibility also says so that's what we're doing. '

He also said that it was not true that he did not want to remove Prime Minister Oli. He also said that the Oli government was trying to control politics by using handcuffs everywhere. Therefore, he said that there was a suggestion to remove Oli and he was not in a position to say right now.

He also said that a new government could not be formed unless the CPN-Maoist withdraws its support to the government. He said, 'There is a big challenge in Nepal. Democracy is under threat. On the one hand, Oli's government is trying to control the whole politics by handcuffing everywhere. On the other hand, epidemics are also rampant. So I need to remove Oli, why don't I? The thing is, you have to be sure. There is also advice in that regard. I can't say anything right now. There is no point in lying. I have told you that Prachanda's party has not withdrawn. There is a majority government. So far, we have to say majority government. The UCPN (M) and UML have a combined majority. What to do now Prachanda has not taken it back. 

On the occasion, Congress leader Krishna Prasad Sitaula said that the government was moving ahead with the objective of capturing the constitutional bodies. He also said that the government machinery and power are being misused for that. He said that there was a danger of losing the impartiality and independence of the judiciary, the Election Commission, the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority, and the Public Service Commission. 

Leader Sitaula said that the government has increased the threat of curbing press freedom and civil liberties. He said that the government was moving towards attacking the entire democracy by abusing the constitutional provisions. 

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