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The decision of Madhav Nepal's side to answer the explanation asked by Oli

Kathmandu: The Madhav Kumar Nepal faction of the CPN-UML has decided to respond to the explanation sought by the party chairperson KP Oli's faction. An informal meeting of the party held at Aryal Hotel in New Baneshwor on Tuesday decided to respond to the explanation.

In the explanation letter sent by Oli, it is alleged that the leaders of the Nepali side have practiced a different party and are moving forward by making the party different. As the explanation was asked personally, the Nepali side decided to respond accordingly. That side has interpreted the response to the explanation as a legal defense. "We have come to the conclusion that legal immunity and political battle are also being fought," said UML central member Ram Kumari Jhankri.

In response, it has been stated that they have not changed the party and have not opened another party. "We have raised the voice that the UML should be run in a lawful manner. Such a voice can be raised in a democracy, 'she said.

On Tuesday alone, Oli has sought clarification from 27 members of the House of Representatives and five members from Karnali. He has asked some to respond within two days and some within three days.

The meeting also concluded that KP Oli was moving forward in an undemocratic and panchayat style.

After responding to the explanation, it has been concluded that Oli will have to go to court if he takes further action.

This informal meeting has decided to give an explanation. Because answering personally. As asked, the party has not changed. The other party has not even opened. The same voice has been raised that the UML's method should be followed. That is found in democracy. KP Oli tried to go Panchayat style. Therefore, legal immunity and the political battle will also be fought.

The party has also said that the party should return to the status quo of 2075 BS by revoking the decision made by the Oli party on Fagun 28.

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