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The government will conduct an on-site study of the unilateral embankment built by India on the banks of the Mahakali

Kathmandu:   Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradip Kumar Gyawali said that the embankment being constructed by India on the banks of the Mahakali River in Darchula would be studied on the ground by the survey officials of Nepal and India. In a meeting of the House of Representatives on Monday, Foreign Minister Gyawali informed that a survey team from both Nepal and India has decided to conduct an on-site study there on April 12. After Gyawali informed the parliament and media that the security wall being built by India on the Mahakali River at Darchula was built by touching or crossing the border between the two countries, the government led by the Chief Survey Officer on Poush 22 Representatives from the District Administration Office, Darchula, formed a team and conducted an on-site study.

Minister Gyawali said that Nepal has been in serious talks with India as suggested by the study. He also said that after various correspondence, it was agreed that the survey teams from both Nepal and India would go to the same place on April 12 to conduct a field study. 

He also said that the Government of Nepal was deeply concerned about the violence in Myanmar. Stating that they have seen many civilians killed in peaceful demonstrations, Minister Gyawali said that Nepal has also supported the 'resolution' passed by the United Nations against it. Stating that the basic aspect of Nepal's foreign policy is human rights and democracy, he said that the government would oppose any kind of violence.

Minister Gyawali also briefed the House of Representatives about President Vidyadevi Bhandari's recent visit to Bangladesh. He also informed about the agreement reached during the President's visit to Bangladesh.

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