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The stock market fell to the point of 2585

Kathmandu: The share market fell to 2,585.28 points on Wednesday. The NEPSE index has decreased by 13.79 points. Group indices except for trade, production, and processing, and others declined on Wednesday. The index of the business group increased by 0.25 percent, production, and processing by 0.98 percent, and other groups by 0.9 percent.

On this day, the index of the finance group has decreased the most by 1.24 percent. Similarly, banking declined by 0.79 percent, hotels, and tourism by 0.58 percent, development banks by 0.85 percent, and hydropower by 0.75 percent.

Similarly, the indices of non-life insurance declined by 0.81 percent, microfinance by 0.89 percent, life insurance by 0.88 percent, mutual funds by 0.08 percent, and investment group by 0.1 percent.

In the declining market, the share price of giant market companies and women's microfinance has risen by 9.99 percent. The final price of the giant market company increased by Rs 421 per quintal and the final price of women's microfinance increased by Rs 258 per quintal and stood at Rs 2,841.

A total of 895.34 million shares worth Rs 3.98 billion were traded on Wednesday. It was traded 46,802 times in 215 companies.

NCC Bank had the highest share turnover on this day. Shares of NCC Bank worth Rs 282.89 million were traded.

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