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Violence against Male

In Nepali society seeking equality and justice, the rights and duties of men and women are very narrowly divided. The injustices and atrocities against women on a daily basis are being scrutinized by social media, intellectual analysis, human rights, and many other related bodies. Even though two parts of the same coin are men and women, the problem of women who are victims of exploitation seems to be gaining a higher place in society.

However, most women are exploited by men. Violence against women in Nepali society today is extremely painful. It is very sad for the Nepali society that the advocacy of various social organizations, street satyagraha of the youth, and the voice of women have not been able to attract the attention of the government bodies. There are far fewer bodies that speak out against violence against men than there are social organizations that speak out against violence against women in society. Men have also become victims of violence in society directly or indirectly.

How male violence?

The economic sector is a daring and much-needed aspect of making any family move. The love stories of most men who fell in love at a young age, the stories of most divorces that took place within a few years of marriage are often linked to financial matters. Even though it seems that happiness is a big thing in people's minds, there are quarrels and misunderstandings in small matters like in a family where the economic situation is not strong.

In our society, the idea of ​​remembering Chulachauka as soon as a daughter is called a man and earning a son is also very influential. It is a form of mental violence for women who depend on their husbands for everything from their makeup to the clothes they wear, to the need for luxury and comfort in men who go to earn money, and if not fulfilled, to divorce and to have sex with strangers for luxury.

Criteria for men: In order to get married in those days, they should have got PR in the United States and Australia, if they are not financially strong, they should be ridiculed by men. - Making fun of a son who cries like a human being, naming a man as a transgender person even though he wants to make up, naming him Joining Gray if he obeys his wife, naming him a coward if he runs away after a fight, making the child feel responsible. Such things also lead to mental violence against men in society.

Most of the men who have left their wives to earn a living have gone out with their wives to earn money. There have been compulsions to keep. As a result, men who have been abused in the name of a relationship with their wives in order to protect their relationship with their wives have become victims of violence in large numbers.

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