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Weapons to protect Gandaki government

After the Gandaki state government, led by UML standing committee member Prithvi Subba Gurung, decided to lose its majority, the ruling party on Tuesday blocked the parliament sitting demanding PCR test. Eventually, all the MPs were lined up and the PCR was checked and the discussion on the no-confidence motion began in Wednesday's meeting.

However, Janamorcha MP Khim Bikram Shahi suddenly lost contact. Deepak Manage did not come to the meeting with him. Manage was seen with Khim Bikram the previous day.

After the MP did not even come in contact with the royal party, the Jana Morcha demanded to search for his MP and save his life, fearing that he had been abducted. Following the demand of the Janamorcha, the Speaker adjourned the meeting.

During the search, it was found that the Jana Morcha MP was admitted to the ICU in the covid ward of Shahi Charak Hospital. Immediately, Janamorcha's Gandaki state president Shankar Baral rushed to the hospital to meet his MP. However, the hospital administration did not allow the party leader to meet Shahi. The hospital administration's response was, "He is seriously harassed by Corona. No one can visit him."

However, the leaders of his own party are not convinced that MP Shahi has fallen seriously ill. A leader of Janamorcha told Ratopati that his PCR report has come negative, how did it suddenly come positive now and how did the person who was walking till yesterday come to the position of being admitted in ICU? We understand this, but the hospital has not even allowed the party president to visit.

Leaders of the ruling party have said that the ruling party's lawmakers had postponed the meeting demanding a PCR probe the previous day and that the lawmaker was not allowed to visit anyone in the ICU of Kovid Hospital the next day.

Janamorcha's Gandaki state president Shankar Baral told Ratopati that the party was investigating the matter. According to the information given to the media by Krishna Thapa, state MP of Janamorcha, MP Shahi had said that he would come to the meeting and speak. Thapa said that when he met me today, he had said that he would come to the meeting. He also said that he would speak. I will not speak later, but he said I will come. '

Janamorcha central chairman Himlal Puri said his party had decided to vote in favor of the no-confidence motion in the Gandaki state assembly and his lawmakers would abide by party discipline.

It is not clear whether Janamorcha MP Shahi was tempted to call it Kovid Hospital or under pressure. According to Janamorcha leaders, it remains to be seen whether he is seriously ill by Wednesday evening.

Out of the total 60 members in the Gandaki state assembly, 31 are against the chief minister, including 15 from the Congress, 11 from the Maoists, three from the Janamorcha, and two from the Jaspa. When all these people vote, the UML government collapses. However, opposition parties fear that the ruling party has turned Corona and PCR into a weapon of politics with the intention that the no-confidence motion will fail and the government will be saved if only one Jana Morcha MP is absent from the polls.

Nepali Congress spokesperson Bishwaprakash Sharma has accused the ruling party of holding the Jana Morcha MP hostage. On the other hand, the ruling UML has objected to the adjournment of the parliament sitting under the influence of the opposition after seeing the no-confidence motion fail.

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