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Why to do Surya Namaskar?

Surya Namaskar literally means offering or saluting the sun. Popular from young to old, this exercise is considered very useful to keep the body fit. It involves the exercise of the whole body. It has 12 asanas. Helps to keep the body energetic. After completing six rounds from the right leg and six rounds from the left leg, one cycle is completed. This is done 12 times. It can be done little by little in the early days. Namaskar is an asana of yoga. It is considered as a complete exercise in itself. The constant practice of Surya Namaskar helps a lot in staying mentally, physically calm, holy, and clean. People should do this consciously by realizing their physical and mental condition.

This is such an asana. It can be done by children, young and old alike. We want a healthy body. We are trying our best to be healthy. Because of the busy life of human beings, we do not pay much attention to the body. Due to which we are suffering from diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes. You can stay spiritually healthy by doing yoga asanas for physical and mental health. Surya Namaskar is considered useful for all these three ways.

It can also be said to be a package of asanas. It is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle nowadays and it is also necessary today. Young men and women seem to be more attracted to yoga asanas. Keeping the body fit keeps the body energetic. Strengthens the spinal cord of our body. It occurs in the blood circulation in the cells. Oxygen spreads to all parts of the body up to the brain. Due to this, it has been made energetic. Its constant practice makes the body as light as a bunch of flowers. Mental pain is also reduced by calming the body and mind. Brings radiance to the face and enhances beauty. Diseases arising from the stomach are also getting better. Surya Namaskar gives strength and energy to the body, mind, and speech. It also activates all the organs of the body. It not only makes the body energetic, but it also makes it disease-free.

Surya Namaskar is a combination of 12 powerful yoga asanas, which is also an excellent cardiovascular exercise. Another important thing is that if we do not have enough time to exercise, sun salutation is the best option. Sun salutation can make the body agile, flexible, and energetic. Since it is not possible to do it in any situation, such as during menstruation, patients with high blood pressure, it is not possible to do it while bending the bones in the body, so it should be done with the advice of experts. It is beneficial to greet the sun on an empty stomach in the morning. Don't greet the sun too quickly. Each posture should be done comfortably. You have to be conscious and enjoy. Surya Namaskar Let's look at 12 asanas:

1. Pranam Asana: Standing upright on your mat (mat) with both legs connected. Inflate the chest and keep the shoulders flexible. Inhale and raise both hands straight up and exhale and join hands in prostration.

2. Hastuttanasana:  Raising the hand while breathing and bringing the chromosome back.

3. Hand and foot posture:  Exhale and keep the spine straight and bend at the waist. Exhale completely, place the gloves on the ground and touch the knees with the head.

4. Horse Operation Asana:  Breathing as much as possible, bringing the right leg back. The right knee can be placed on the ground, raising the head. The left leg should be kept parallel to both hands.

5. Dandasana: Inhale, bring the left leg back and keep the whole body in a straight line.

6. Ashtadd Namaskar:  Bring both knees to the ground comfortably and exhale. Raise your back. Chest and chin touch the ground.

7. Bhujanga Asana:  Now lift the chest. The elbow can be bent. Let's make a gentle effort to push the chest forward while breathing. Exhale and press the navel in easily.

8. Mountain posture:  Exhale and lift the spinal cord. Bend the chest down and stay in the opposite 'V' position of the English alphabet.

9. Equestrian Asana: Breathing in and bringing the right leg between both hands. The left knee can be placed on the ground. To lookup

10. Hand and foot posture: Exhale and bring the left leg forward. Keep your hands on the ground and try to touch your knees with your head.

11. Lifting posture: Bringing the spinal cord up slowly while breathing. Raise your hand and slowly bring it back. Bring the hand forward again and stay in the starting position.

12. Tadasana: Exhale and keep the body in an upright position. Put your hands down. After saluting the sun, rest for 10-15 minutes in Sawasan and turn right for a while and get up slowly.

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