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A one-week injunction has been added in the Kathmandu Valley from today

Kathmandu: A one-week injunction has been added in Kathmandu Valley from today. The injunction issued for one week from Baishak 16 has been extended for another week from today.

Kathmandu Chief District Officer Kali Prasad Parajuli said that the ban has been extended to stop the spread of corona infection.

Government officials have come to the conclusion that the added ban should be made stricter than in previous days. Therefore, the district administration offices have decided to allow food shops to open only from today till 9 am. Earlier, the provision of opening shops in the evening has also been removed.

Similarly, all the vehicle passes issued earlier have been revoked. Now the district administration offices will issue new passes. Passage of the Department of Information has been made mandatory for journalists. Those who do not have a pass from the Department of Information will be able to walk on the basis of the identity card of their office, but they will have to inform the District Administration Office.

Government offices, public institutions, insurance, and other offices should be run with only one-fourth of the staff. Banks and financial institutions will be allowed to keep only 25 percent of their branch offices open in Kathmandu Valley. The central office will have to work with only 20 percent manpower.

Similarly, they will be allowed to leave Kathmandu Valley only if the concerned municipality makes a recommendation with a commitment to keep them in quarantine for 10 days.

The District Administration Office will make arrangements for the facilitation on the recommendation of the concerned local level and the documents to be opened in the case of urgent work, sick, corpse, death rites, and mourning. The old system has been continued so that a vehicle pass is not required for marriage and distance is maintained.

Jogging in sidewalks and open spaces, as well as in carts and bicycles, has also been banned.

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