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Three big hospitals will be used for the treatment of the COVID infected

The three largest teaching hospitals in Jhapa and Morang have announced to provide hospitals to the government for the treatment of corona infections.
The teaching hospitals have announced to provide necessary equipment and manpower to the state including the hospital during the outbreak of the epidemic.

The Birat Teaching Hospital in Jhapa's Biendsey, Biratnagar's Nobel and Budhiganga have announced to provide their hospital, complete structure, and manpower to the government for proper treatment of patients as the corona infection is increasing day by day.

While the news is coming that private hospitals are refusing to check the suspected patients of Corona, the operators of these three big hospitals in State 1 have announced to make their hospital a treatment center for Corona infected. He made the announcement today when Prime Minister KP Oli said the big hospital would be turned into a COVID hospital.

All three teaching hospitals are now operating separate Kovid hospitals to treat the patients. The Director of B&C Hospital in Birtamod, Jhapa, Durga Prasai has announced to give it to the government. He said he was ready to hand over the hospital to the government for treatment at a time when the Corona Covid-19 virus is spreading worldwide.

Stating that he is ready to help the government by giving all the resources available during the epidemic crisis, Prasai said, "I am ready to help the state when it is far away. The government should be ready for that. He also suggested that the government should return the manpower including doctors from outside the country to Nepal to fight the epidemic. As there are more than 40 percent doctors and nurses outside the country, the government should create an environment for them to return to Nepal to cope with the current situation, said Prasai.

 "We have 100 ICUs, 25 ventilators, 105 doctors, 900 staff including nurses," Prasai told Ratopati. "Our doctors are ready to work, but the government must provide the necessary kits and protective clothing."

He said that the government should take care of everything including the salary of the doctors.
Prasai added, "I am announcing through this media that Durga Prasai is ready as the operator to give the hospital, the entire structure and manpower to the government from the Far East when the government needs it."

According to Director Prasai, B&C has an ICU with 800 normal beds, 100 ICU rooms, and 25 ventilators. There are 105 doctors in the hospital.

Prasai also said that a 500-bed quarantine could be set up in the building of the hospital at Dhaijan in Mechinagar-12.
Director Dr. Sunil Sharma announced that the government will make Nobel Teaching Hospital in Biratnagar a treatment center for patients infected with the coronavirus.

Nobel said the hospital would be allowed to use the corona as a special treatment center for three months. The Nobel has 764 beds, including 71 ventilators.

Dr. Sharma said that he was ready to make the hospital a corona treatment center and also sent a letter to the coordinator of the corona prevention coordination committee, Dr. Bhagwan Koirala.
He also said that up to 1,000 beds can be operated by adding more beds to the Nobel.

Director Dr. Gyanendra Man Singh Karki said that the huge teaching hospital in Budhiganga is ready to provide the government with resources and manpower for the period of epidemic crisis. 

He said that although the hospital was ready to be handed over to the government, the entire cost would have to be borne by the government.

He said the teaching hospital now has a 50-bed ventilator and a 500-bed hospital with the same number of ICUs. He said that the hospital has more than 200 doctors and more than 600 nurses.

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