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As the time for forming a new government draws to a close, the parties are busy discussing

Kathmandu: The time given by President Vidyadevi Bhandari for the formation of a new government is running out.

As per the government's recommendation, the President has given 21 hours to form the new government, i.e. till 5 pm today.

With six hours left in the President's deadline, no party has yet made a clear decision. A faction of the Nepali Congress, the Maoist Center and the Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP) have called for a new government against Oli, but have not been able to secure a majority.

Nepali Congress officials are holding a meeting while the Maoists are holding internal discussions. Within the party, Chairman Mahanta Thakur's party has called a meeting of the parliamentary parties, signaling its support to Oli. However, Baburam Bhattarai and Upendra Yadav have been saying that they should not support Oli but form a government under their own leadership.

As the parties have not yet made a decision, there is a growing possibility that no one will demand a new government until the time given by the President. If no one can claim a majority government by the time specified by the president, the prime minister is likely to dissolve parliament and announce an election date. 

According to Article 76, Clause (3) of the Constitution, a person who has become the Prime Minister as the leader of the parliamentary party with the largest number of members in the House of Representatives must obtain a vote of confidence from the House of Representatives within 30 days from the date of appointment. If the Prime Minister fails to get a vote of confidence within 30 days, there is a clear constitutional provision that the process of forming a government will proceed as per Article 76 (5) of the Constitution.

According to this provision, if Prime Minister Oli does not get a vote of confidence by mid-June, this option will be open. But calls have been made for the formation of a new government without a vote of no confidence or resignation.

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