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Due to lack of manpower, Ventilator is not being utilized

Jajarkot: The ventilator purchased last year could not be used in the district hospital. Ventilators could not be used due to a lack of skilled manpower. Employees of the health service officials say that there is no other work from the time of purchase till now except keeping it in a closed room. The doctor said that it was sad that the hospital under the state government could not use the material.

Resham Bahadur Khadka of Junichande said that it was unfortunate that the ventilator service used to treat abnormal patients could not be used since it was brought to Jajarkot Hospital. Tikaram Jaishi of the Health Service Office said that the new building was being constructed and could not be brought into operation due to lack of space. "We have received information that the state government will send staff to us. Maybe it will happen soon," he said.

He also said that the materials coming to the district hospital for HDU services could not be connected due to a lack of space. According to Jaishi, only 15 out of 25 have been connected so far. Even though the district hospital has 25 oxygen cylinders, it has become difficult for the patients to get the facility when the oxygen plant, which had to be purchased last year, came into operation at the end of the current fiscal year.

The hospital administration said that there was only an agreement to buy the plant but there was no timeline for when it would reach the district hospital. Although there were more than 200 patients during the Corona epidemic, treatment at the hospital was not possible due to lack of space. Although there are 10 doctors in the district hospital, the health workers say that they are upset that the leadership has not shown willingness to buy the materials.

Although each municipality has decided to create a quarantine of at least 10 to 15 beds to keep the corona infected, the local level has not implemented it. People from India or other countries go straight home. There is a problem in the management of Bheri Municipality-2 when there are common patients from India.

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