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Indian court said: Losing one's life without getting oxygen is no less than genocide!

Kathmandu:  The Allahabad High Court of India has said that the death of Covid-19 patients due to non-supply of oxygen to the hospital was not less than genocide committed by the officer in charge of continuous supply of oxygen. 

A bench of high court judges Siddhartha Burma and Ajit Kumar on Tuesday also ordered an inquiry into the incident.

"We are saddened to see Covid's patients die without oxygen. The crime committed by the officer in charge of supplying oxygen to the hospital is nothing short of a crime and genocide," the order said, "How do we let our people die in this way when science is so advanced today that heart transplants, brain surgeries are happening these days?"

The court has not allowed the district administration to issue such orders on the basis of comments and news that have gone viral in newspapers and social media. But when the advocates came up with public interest litigation with such news that went viral, we felt it necessary to immediately instruct the government to find a cure for it, ”the order said.  

The court also ordered the district officers of Lucknow and Meerut to investigate the news of Covid's death due to lack of oxygen within 48 hours and submit a report to the court the next day. Last Sunday, five ICU patients undergoing treatment at a medical college in Meerut died due to a lack of oxygen. Similarly, Sun Hospital in Gomatinagar, Lucknow, and a private hospital in Meerut refused to admit the patients of Covid 19 due to lack of oxygen supply.

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