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Kamal Thapa's suggestion to dismiss both the claims

Kathmandu: RPP Chairman Kamal Thapa has suggested rejecting both the demands submitted to the Prime Minister on Friday.

Thapa urged President Vidyadevi Bhandari to declare the election without recognizing the signatures submitted by both parties.

He has demanded that the people be allowed to choose alternatives as it is more appropriate to go to the polls than to show off.

Thapa wrote on social media Twitter, "Mr. President, both claims have no basis for a vote of confidence under Article 76 (5) of the Constitution." Both are forged and forged. Both should be rejected and elections should be declared in accordance with the constitution. They turned the federal republic into a Gai Jatra, in the name of democracy. Now the people should be given an opportunity to find alternatives.

Rajendra Lingden, the only MP from RPP, has not signed on both sides.

On Friday, KP Oli claimed to have the support of 153 lawmakers with the signatures of 149 lawmakers from the opposition alliance, including letters from Sher Bahadur Deuba and UML and Jaspa parliamentary parties.

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