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Let's overthrow the President and the Prime Minister: Tarun Dal

Kathmandu. The Nepali Congress-affiliated Tarun Dal has demanded the removal of the President and the Prime Minister, saying that they have repeatedly 'co-opted' over the constitution.

In a statement, Tarun Dal Chairman Jit Jung Basnet said that the role of the President should be the guardian of all citizens and that he should be removed from the impeachment motion.

"It is wrong to set a time for the formation of a new government if the prime minister appointed under Article 76 (3) of the constitution has not even taken a vote of confidence and has not resigned," he said. "It is a crime against the constitution and it is a crime against the constitution," Basnet said in a statement.

"It is regrettable that the President and the Prime Minister have acted in such a manner," Basnet wrote. The party central committee strongly demands.

Similarly, Nevisangha General Secretary Baldev Timalsina has said that the President and the Prime Minister have mocked the constitution again. He called the latest political move a regression.

"The president and the prime minister have falsified the constitution and this is a very undemocratic, unconstitutional, authoritarian, immoral, and reactionary move, which is unforgivable," Timalsina said.

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