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Letter to the British Prime Minister by the Gurkha Satyagraha

London: The former Gurkha soldier's Organization "Gurkha Satyagraha Abhiyan" sent Tuesday a memorandum to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. "The British government, comprising representatives from the Nepal government and the Gorkha organization both by the joint technical report submitted to the government have been completed three years but not yet addressed it" Gurkha Satyagraha Abhiyan's coordinator Krishna Kumar Rai said.

The memorandum calls for the formation of a negotiating committee between Nepal and the British government to address the demands of the British Army for equal pensions for retired Gurkha soldiers, to set up a venue for negotiations, and to start negotiations.

The letter warns of a hunger strike if the demands are not addressed by July 1. The letter praises the sacrifices made by Gurkha soldiers for British India and the British government but says they have not acted accordingly.

Gyan Raj Rai, director of the campaign, said, "We have been waiting for three years. In the meantime, many Gorkhalis have died in the UK. We are ready to die. We can't wait any longer. Many Nepalis want to return to Nepal if they get equal rights." 

Former Gurkha soldiers who retired before 1997 have been claiming that they have been discriminated against on pensions and other issues. Memorandums were sent separately. (Annapurna Post)

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