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PM's outrage: Will the black-coat anarchists now write the judge's verdict?

Kathmandu: Prime Minister KP Oli has expressed outrage over the activities of lawyers who have filed writs and debated against the dissolution of the parliament. Oli has been sharply criticized by some black-clad anarchists for trying to choose a judge and write his own verdict. 

Responding to a question raised by the counsel for the writ petitioner against Justices Tej Bahadur KC and Bamkumar Shrestha in the Constitutional Court hearing the issue of dissolution of the House of Representatives, Oli said, "What kind of system is this?" Will the lawyer decide the judge now? Did they mean that the judge should read the written decision of the lawyer? Oli said that some lawyers were involved in disrespectful activities without paying any attention to the dignity of the court and the judge. 

He expressed concern that such a trend would weaken the independent judiciary, questioning the status and status of black courts. Addressing a virtual meeting of the UML-affiliated youth association, Prime Minister Oli, who is also the CPN-UML chairperson, accused the lawyers of seeking a judge to read his written verdict. 
Prime Minister Oli has also criticized the activism of former chief justices. He accused the former chief justice and retired judges of trying to tarnish the image of the court by eating government pens, saying that they would not do anything in their time and would now take to the streets to protest against the work of the court. The country will not be allowed to be affected by such outdated imitations. It will be saved. '

Prime Minister Oli also said that the purpose of the opposition alliance was not to run the government but to hold elections. He said the government was in the process of interpreting the constitution in the past. Despite the possibility of forming a government led by his own party, Oli said it was historically wrong and undemocratic for people within the party to be involved in non-partisan activities.

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