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Prime Minister KP Oli proposes a vote of confidence

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has submitted a motion for a vote of confidence.

In the second meeting of the House of Representatives on Monday, Prime Minister Oli submitted a motion for a vote of confidence in accordance with sub-rule (2) of rule 152 of the House of Representatives Rules, 2075 to make it clear that the House of Representatives has confidence in him in accordance with Article 100 (1) of the Constitution of Nepal.

The proposal will be presented for decision today.

While presenting the motion for a vote of confidence, Oli insisted that lawmakers could not vote in opposition after seeing his work. 'How can you be right in saying no, Hon'ble?' He asked.

He said that he was standing in the Parliament as the Prime Minister and that he had full confidence in the conscience of this House.

He asserted that his confession had not been obtained through disbelief.

Oli said that the Maoists have been believing in the party for a long time despite the split and urged them to believe in the coming days as well.

Prime Minister Oli had asked for a vote of confidence and gave a long list of his work.

Prime Minister Oli said there was a planned attack on him and the government and that a vote of confidence was needed.

Oli claimed that the lawmakers have full faith in him even though there are occasional disputes in politics. "Sometimes there are disputes in politics. Some friends say something, some say something, but I may say something. Even after the party split, he did not withdraw his support because he did not have faith ', he said,' Mr. Speaker, I have finally withdrawn my support because I do not have a vote of confidence. But nothing has gone wrong. Even after the party split, support was withdrawn only two or three days ago. Again, I want to ask for a vote of confidence. '

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