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Scientists say the situation in India is dire as the government has not complied with our recommendations

Kathmandu: The government in India has found itself in a dire situation after disregarding the warning given by a group of scientists.

According to the BBC, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the government have ignored warnings from a group of scientific advisers that a new variant of the coronavirus was spreading in March and that it was highly contagious. Four scientists on the advisory committee have warned that the situation in the country could worsen in the near future, but the government has ignored them and increased congestion instead of trying to stem the tide.

Scientists told Reuters news agency that the country would not be in the current situation despite strict sanctions imposed on the government at the time of the request. Scientists say millions of people have gathered for religious events and political rallies, despite reports that more contagious and deadly variants are spreading.

Scientists say it is a weakness of Prime Minister Modi and the government to encourage people to participate in the farmers' movement, the Prime Minister himself, and the leaders of the ruling and opposition parties without even wearing masks at religious and political events.

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