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The identities of the three children found inside the car in Dang have been revealed

DANG: The bodies of three children found inside a car in Tulsipur of Dang district have been identified.

The bodies of three children found in a car with an Indian number plate in Tulsipur Sub-metropolis-6 have been identified. All of them are from Tulsipur sub-metropolitan area, according to police.

According to the Area Police Office, Tulsipur, the bodies of Sandesh, 10, son of Bhim Bahadur Pariyar of Tulsipur Sub-Metropolis-6, Suvarna, 7, son of Santosh Pariyar, and Karan, 7, son of Kiran Pariyar have been found. All three of them had been missing since the 16th of last month. His parents had lodged a complaint at the Area Police Office, Tulsipur on March 30.

According to Chief of Area Police Office, Tulsipur, DSP Shiva Singh, a special police team has reached Tulsipur from Nepalgunj with a trained dog to investigate the incident. The bodies of the children have been kept at Rapti Provincial Hospital, Tulsipur, police said.

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