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Upendra Yadav announces to vote against Oli

JSP Chairman Upendra Yadav has announced to vote against the vote of confidence sought by Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli. Another chairman, Mahanta Thakur, said that he was not in favor of the no-confidence motion in the current situation and would remain neutral. However, Yadav said that he was in opposition.

Addressing a meeting called for a vote of confidence, Oli said they were on track to form a new government. Due to the different statements of the presidents of the two parties, the dispute within the party has also been seen in the parliament.

Yadav said, "We cannot give a vote of confidence. I would like to inform our comrades that we are on the path of voting against the vote of confidence and looking for alternatives."

Yadav also quipped that Prime Minister Oli had been chanting the slogan "Happy Nepal, Prosperous Nepal" but his working style had made poor Nepal miserable.

Similarly, in a meeting convened by Prime Minister Adholi for a vote of confidence, Yadav accused Oli of being anti-federal. Stating that Oli used to call the state a unit of the federation, he said that Oli was in the game of trapping opposition and federalism.

He said that no one could underestimate the achievements gained through sacrifice and sacrifice and questioned how Oli could be given a vote of confidence as he was on the same path. He said that he understood that Oli was trying to deceive the Madhesi party and that it could be nothing but political interest. Stating that Oli had mistreated Madhesis in the past, he expressed his indignation saying that there was no point in dropping two or three mangoes in the past.

Yadav quipped that he was involved in the campaign to build a Ram temple when the country was hit by the Corona epidemic.

Yadav also questioned how he could give a vote of confidence to the parliament which he had dissolved in an unconstitutional manner. Similarly, Yadav said that the Oli government was covering up corruption and also mentioned the same to Transparency International.

There has been a long-running dispute in the RPP over whether to support the Oli government. After the party split due to this controversy, the office bearers' meeting on Sunday had decided not to issue a whip to the lawmaker on whether to give a vote of confidence to Oli. Accordingly, Thakur's party will vote neutral and Yadav's party will vote in opposition.

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