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Afghan army regained control of two districts in Takhar province

KABUL Afghan government forces have regained control of two districts in northern Takhar province. Abdul Hadi Nazari, an army spokesman for the northern region, said the army had taken action last night and brought the two districts back under government control. 

Ghar and Bangi are in the districts controlled by the army. The two districts were captured by Taliban insurgents a few days ago. Army spokesman Nazari did not elaborate on the army's actions. But he said the army was in control of both districts. 

Insurgent Taliban fighters in Afghanistan have taken control of some districts in the northern Talukan province. They are also putting pressure on Talukan, the capital of Takhar province. The Taliban has not commented on the latest military action. 

With the withdrawal of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan by September 11, Afghanistan's main insurgent group, the Taliban, has stepped up its violence across the country. Within a month, more than 50 districts in the country are under the control of the Taliban. ( RSS )

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