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Case of sexual violence: Raute settlement under a security cordon

Karnali:  Security has been heightened at Raute Basti in Gurbhakot Municipality-9 of Surkhet after the incident of gang sexual violence against Raute girl became public. The administration that sealed the settlement after the incident has mobilized a joint team of Nepal Police and Armed Police Force to prevent the entry of other people. At present, Nepal Police has increased security surveillance in Raute Basti under the command of Assistant Inspector of Police and Constable of Armed Police.

On the same night, a video of three local youths sexually assaulting a 19-year-old and a 23-year-old Raute girl at a hotel in Botechaur Bazaar was made public. Police had arrested Chauman Gharti, 35, Bhupendra Budhamgar, 24, and hotel operator Milan alias Man Bahadur Pun of Gurbhakot-9 Botechaur on Sunday morning on the basis of the viral video on social media. 

The District Police Office has stated that it is investigating the case of gang rape and cybercrime. Spokesperson of the District Police Office, Deputy Superintendent of Police Ram Prasad Gharti said that the investigating officer was collecting evidence related to the incident and taking statements from the victim and the perpetrator.

Eight days after the incident, the Raute girl underwent a medical examination at the state hospital on Friday. It is said that the health of the victim was tested without her knowledge. Due to the safety of the victim, the community leader has been kept secret about the incident. After the statement and health examination, the girl has been returned to the settlement. The district court has extended the time limit of 10 days to keep the accused in custody for necessary investigation. Earlier, the five-day period given by the court had expired on Friday.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Gharti said that the police would stay there for some time to monitor the Raute settlement. "In such cases, especially YouTube has caused a sensation. In this case, the issue of reversing the victim's pain was found to be public on social media like YouTube," he said. Yes. ' 

Despite extensive police operations, the Raute community is still unaware of the incident. The police administration has adopted a strategy of preventing other people from entering the settlement and keeping the incident a secret, assessing the possibility of further violence against the victim from the community.
The wandering Raute community has reached a place called Damar a few days ago from the welfare of Lekbensi Municipality. The endangered community currently numbers 143. The government has been providing a monthly allowance of Rs 3,000 per person for the social security of endangered castes.
Meanwhile, the district court on Friday ordered the removal of the video of sexual violence against Raute from YouTube. A bench of Justice Dr. Rajendra Kumar Acharya has also ordered to shut down the site if the video is not removed from YouTube. The court issued the order after a video of the victim's identity was leaked on YouTube and the content of the crime was kept secret.

"In order to remove the content posted on social media including YouTube, the government of Nepal has to issue a press release. In order to release the information through the Ministry of Home Affairs, a copy of the order submitted to the District Administration Office Surkhet should be sent in writing," the order said. 

It has been ordered to request the police head office through the district police office to take legal action against the uploaders. Similarly, the court has also ordered the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology through the Ministry of Home Affairs to take action against those who broadcast objectionable material on sensitive issues and to close such sites as required. RSS

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