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India's unilateral road construction: The road on the side of Nepal was destroyed and the river Mahakali was blocked.

Darchula: The Mahakali River towards Nepal has been blocked and the road to Nepal has been destroyed due to the expansion of the road connecting Mansarovar through Lipulek, which was built unilaterally by India. The road to Mansarovar was inaugurated by India in April last year. 

Last year, the Nepal Army had set up a roundabout in the Mauravel area of ​​Vyans village. During the road connecting Mansarovar via Lipulek by India, the main road connecting Vyans Gaonpalika-1 Chhangaru Tinkar of Nepal was blocked. The road to Nepal was blocked when a hill fell into the Mahakali River during the construction of an Indian road. 

While the Nepal Army was paving the way, India had repeatedly obstructed the Nepal Army camp by detonating explosives. Due to the Indian explosion 100 meters below the army camp, Mahakali flooded the winding road. Last Tuesday, the entire hill collapsed in the Shanti Forest area during the expansion of the Dharchula-Lipulek-Mansarovar road section being constructed by India. About 250 meters of dirt road has collapsed during the construction of Indian roads.

Chairman of Vyasa-2 Dhiran Singh Budhathoki said that Vyansa-1 and Vyasa-2 reached the stage of divorce after the collapse of Ghoreto. India has been building a road connecting Lipulek and Mansarovar through Dharchula for decades. The road being constructed along the Mahakali River has increased the possibility of blocking the river. According to Ward Chairman Budathoki, the river is changing when stones are thrown into the river Mahakali during road construction. India has been constructing roads with equipment from Nepal without leaving tens of thousands.

India is building roads in the upper reaches of Dharchula by placing stones in the river. "The river is changing its course after digging a road 10 meters above the river. The river is changing its course," says Budhathoki.

Recently, India has again tried to block the river in the course of road expansion. India has been building roads like this for decades. It has been found that during the construction of the road up to the Budi area of ​​Nepal, India used to block the river by throwing stones in the river and change its course. Even before this, India was constructing a road by taking excavators and dozers from Nepal's land through Mahakali of Nepal. According to Deepak Khati, a local of Vyans, the rocks that came during the construction of Indian roads in places from Mauravel to Budi are found in abundance in Nepali territory.

Last July, Nepali land in the Ghantibagar area was cut off when the stones thrown by India during road construction accumulated in the river. According to the locals of Vyans, it is grandiose for India to change the course of the river by throwing stones in the river during road construction. During the construction of the road in India, stones have been thrown at Mahakali by locals everywhere. Budathoki, the ward chairman of Vyas, says, "This is not just a landslide now. Even in the past, the government of Nepal had to build the road by investing in such places."

He said that every year when India builds and expands roads, the winding road to Nepal is destroyed. He said that a high-level initiative should be taken by the Indian side to repair the damaged road in the Kalju area. There are indications that India is blocking the river during the construction of roads in the border area, which will pose a threat to Nepal in the future. The locals are worried that the big rock stuck in the middle of the river during the rainy season will divert the flow of the river towards Nepal.

The District Administration Office, Darchula, has written to the Pithoragarh Administration of India, saying that the Mahakali River has destroyed the road to Nepal and changed the river's natural course. Last Thursday, Chief District Officer Siddharaj Joshi wrote a letter to Pithoragarh District Officer of India, Ananda Swaroop, informing him that India had caused damage to Nepal. The letter said, "A landslide fell from above while constructing a road near Kaljukhola in Vyans Gaonpalika-2, and water accumulated in Mahakali and blocked the winding road to Nepal.

 The letter to the Indian administration has not been answered for five days. Prajia Joshi has informed the Ministry of Home Affairs that the Mahakali River has been coming to Nepal from time to time due to Indian activities including the letter sent to the Dharchula administration of India. He informed that a letter has been written to the Pithoragarh District Officer to stop such activities from being carried out by the Indian side in the border area after taking a decision from the District Security Committee meeting. "I have informed the Indian side not only in writing but also by phone," said Prajia Joshi.

Torture the locals

Locals have been suffering after a 250-meter-long dirt road was blocked in the Kalju Simsim water area of ​​Beas Gaonpalika-2. The locals are suffering due to the obstruction of the road connecting the two wards of Vyans village.

Dhiran Singh Budhathoki, Ward Chairman of Vyans Village Municipality-2, says that the Indian side is still in the situation of detonating explosives in the area, causing further damage to the road to Nepal. More landslides have also occurred on Friday. The whole mountain has reached Nepal. The Mahakali River is changing its course towards the whole of Nepal.

He said that the locals can reach the road only by walking for two to three more hours. The hail is continuous. Landslides are still coming from India. Roads have also been blocked in India. The road is not operational. Budathoki said that the construction was hampered due to the rock falling. In the area above Kalju, it is not possible to see how much the dirt road is broken, said Armed Police Inspector Narendra Singh Bohara of the Armed Police Force Border Out Post Dumling. This route is currently blocked. The rocks have come flooding. RSS

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