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Monsoon is more active, heavy rains in some places

Kathmandu: The Meteorological Department has forecast heavy rains in some parts of the country as the monsoon is now more active. According to the Monsoon Bulletin, the monsoon has become more active due to the low-pressure area in Jharkhand, India, and the impact of the monsoon low-pressure line.

Due to this, light to moderate rain is expected in many parts of the country during the day and night and heavy rain is expected in some parts of Gandaki, Lumbini and Bagmati states. The department has urged to take necessary precautions as there is a risk of landslides in the hilly areas of these states and the water level in rivers and streams may rise.

Meteorologists have forecast rain for three consecutive days.   

"In the hilly areas of Gandaki, Lumbini, and Bagmati, there is a risk of landslides and gurgling currents, rising water levels in rivers and streams, and affecting the transport sector," said in the statement.

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