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Preparations for allowing public transport to run in the Valley in an odd-even system

Kathmandu: Preparations have been made to allow public transport to operate in three districts of the Kathmandu Valley on the basis of the odd-even system. But it remains to be decided how many seats will be allowed.

A meeting of the chief district officers of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur on Sunday discussed the issue but did not resolve it. According to Bhaktapur Chief District Officer Prem Prasad Bhattarai, a meeting will be held at 9 am on Monday to resolve the issue.

As the CCMC and the Home Ministry have not yet decided on the model of the Kathmandu Valley injunction, the issue of the injunction has been finalized at the CDO level, said a source.

An official of the Kathmandu District Crisis Management Center (CCMC) told Online Khabar, "Everyone is unanimous on the issue of adding a ban. The issue of vehicles has not been decided yet."

The DCCMC of Lalitpur, on the other hand, has recommended allowing public transport to run at half-seat capacity and adding a 15-day ban following public health standards. According to an official, the transition has been steadily declining and the transport businessmen and trade unions have also put pressure on the government to operate public transport.

The ban imposed by the Upatyaka Administration Office on April 29 was last decided to be extended for one week on July 25. The extended injunction expires at 12 noon on Monday. When the latest ban was added, private vehicles and taxis were allowed to operate on a barricade basis.

Prohibitions will remain in place in these areas

The ban imposed by the administration on all kinds of conventions, salons, clubs, beauty parlors, gyms, etc. will remain in place. Not many people will be able to gather in the open.

Vegetables and fruits will not be allowed to be sold in public places and on the road. Educational institutions are still closed.

The administration offices have said that the monitoring will be intensified if the health standards are not followed even in the loosened areas.

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