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See, in a few days, Sher Bahadur will be the Prime Minister: Prachanda

Kathmandu:  CPN (Maoist Center) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' has said that Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba will become the Prime Minister in a few days. 

Speaking at an interaction with political journalists held at the Federal Parliament Building on Saturday, Prachanda said this. 

He claimed that a majority of lawmakers had submitted their signatures in support of Deuba in the Supreme Court and that Deuba would become the Prime Minister if the decision was taken in accordance with democratic norms. He argues that Deuba will become the Prime Minister as the signatures of 149 MPs and the writ of 146 MPs have been registered in the Supreme Court. 

Accusing Prime Minister KP Oli of threatening the court saying that the decision was taken by the court in the setting, he said that Deuba will now become the prime minister. Prachanda objected to the Supreme Court's interim order on the writ petition against the cabinet expansion, saying that Prime Minister Oli had accused him of acting in a court setting.

'KP has started threatening and intimidating the court. Show me the decision in my setting! If Nepal is in my setting ... 'Prachanda said,' The Supreme Court decides according to the interpretation of the constitution. Decides according to democratic norms and should. You see, in a few days, Sher Bahadurji will become the Prime Minister. '  

Prachanda claimed that an issue-based alliance has now been formed. He said that this alliance was not formed for the sake of position and interests. He said an alliance was needed to protect democratic values.

"It simply came to our notice then. Everyone should accept the recognition of the constitution ', Prachanda said,' The alliance was necessary to protect democratic values. ' 

'Madhav Nepal has become a bigger Political leader'
Prachanda has claimed that UML senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal, who is participating in the opposition alliance, has become a bigger leader of the UML. He argues that Nepal is the real leader of UML. Prachanda said that Prime Minister KP Oli was falling apart and he was ashamed to look at him. 

'Madhavji became a great leader. Madhavji has been coming up. Madhav Nepal is becoming the real leader of UML ', Prachanda said,' KPG is declining. It is a shame to look at that. '

I met Deepak Manange to defeat the regression 

Prachanda said that he had met Deepak Manange alias Rajiv Gurung to overcome the regression. Prachanda said that he was criticized after his meeting with Gandaki State Assemblymember and Minister Manange. 

He said that KP Oli first made Manange a minister and then he met him when everyone met him. Prachanda clarified that he came to Kathmandu the day after the Manange Congress-led government was formed in Gandaki. Prachanda understands that his people criticized him for not meeting Oli. Deepak Manange has been made a minister by KPG. Then everyone met. We need Deepak's help to defeat the regression ', Prachanda said about the meeting with Manange,' Once Deepak came to meet Prachanda. I said yes. The day after the formation of the government, he came and met.'

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