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Take action against those who sell textbooks with old map of Nepal: Minister Shrestha

Kathmandu: Minister for Education, Science, and Technology Krishna Gopal Shrestha has directed to confiscate the textbooks sold by printing old maps of the country and take action against those involved in it. Minister Shrestha has given such instructions after the information that some private publishers have changed the old book's cover and sold the book by printing the old map of Nepal by mentioning the new version. 

At the 88th virtual meeting of the Council for Curriculum Development and Evaluation held on Wednesday, Minister Shrestha directed the Curriculum Development Center to bring the publishers and vendors under the purview of law and take maximum action. He directed the Center to immediately seek clarification from the publishers and distributors of books selling old maps by deceiving the government's eyes, confiscating the books sold in the market with old maps, and taking action as per the law. 

During the meeting, Secretary at the Ministry Ram Prasad Thapaliya informed that strict action would be taken against those selling new books with old maps. Director-General of the Center, Ana Prasad Neupane, informed that action would be taken against the publishers and sellers who printed old maps and sold books. 

In the meeting, Minister Shrestha also directed to give approval for printing books of the listed publishers to prevent the shortage of textbooks for class VI. The meeting has approved the syllabus of classes 6-8 of various subjects. 

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