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The current political situation could pose a security challenge: Army's concern

Kathmandu: The Nepal Army has analyzed that the situation created after the dissolution of the parliament could pose a security challenge.

Speaking to reporters on the occasion of the completion of one thousand years of his tenure, Chief of Army Staff Purnachandra Thapa said that the army should be alert and vigilant as the recent political situation could bring security challenges.

"The situation should be resolved through the constitutional process," Thapa said. He also said that the army was closely monitoring the recent political developments.

Thapa also said that the Nepal Army would not go beyond its constitutional obligation. He said, "The constitution has clarified the responsibility and responsibility of the army in every crisis." On the occasion, Thapa also informed that the process of handing over the leadership to the army has started.

With three months left in his term, he has begun the process of handing over leadership. According to the tradition of staying on leave for the last one month, the transfer of leadership will be done faithfully and in advance, Thapa said.

In the army, Rathi Prabhuram Sharma is on the line to become Thapa's successor.

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