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The government should include cannabis cultivation in its policies and programs: Keshav Sthapit

Ruling party CPN-UML Bagmati State Assemblymember Keshav Sthapit has said that the Bagmati state government should allow cannabis cultivation in the state. Participating in the discussion on the policy and program of the state government for the coming fiscal year in today's meeting of the Bagmati Provincial Assembly, the lawmaker said that the economic condition of the people of the state could be improved if the state government could fix the cannabis cultivation bill registered in the parliament.

As the market for cannabis is used in medicinal products and the demand for it is increasing in foreign countries, the Bagmati state government demanded to allow the cultivation of cannabis to involve the people of the state in economic earning.

Although the government's policies and programs have given some sympathy to the people, he is of the view that cannabis should be given legal recognition to improve the living standards of the citizens and make them financially viable.

He demanded that the government should be given legal recognition for cannabis cultivation to make the country economically viable and leapfrog development by collecting revenue.

He said that the government led by Bagmati Chief Minister Dormani Poudel should play an important role in the development of the province by including the cannabis bill in the discussion.

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