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The MP repeatedly demanded Rs. 56 Lakhs on the same road for three years, but it is still 'incomplete'.

Rs. 5.6 million has been repeatedly poured on a road in Mahottari district for the last three fiscal years, but the road has not been completed yet.

Rani Kumari Tiwari, a state assembly member from Constituency No. 3 (b), has been accused of embezzling millions of rupees by putting Rs.

MP Tiwari has repeatedly spent Rs 5.6 million on a single road project for the last three fiscal years, but the road is still frozen.

He has already spent a large amount of money in the name of building a road in Ekdara Gaonpalika-4 Chakwa village of the district but there is still water on the road. 

Lalit Narayan Mishra, a local, alleged that not even a single bicycle could run on the road and that even pedestrians had to suffer to get around. Locals allege that Tiwari, a state MP, misused large government funds to invest in private ponds to protect the ponds and make large commissions. 

According to Upendra Yadav, a local, Tiwari has invested Rs. 2.1 million for the first time, Rs. 1.6 million for the second time and Rs. 1.5 million for the third time and Rs. Explained. 

Ramjatan Sah and Dinesh Sah, both residents of Jaleshwor Municipality-1, have accused Tiwari of encroaching on their pond and encroaching on their personal property. 

He accused the state MP Tiwari of investing the budget in the pond not for road construction but for raising his cadres and embezzling large sums of money. 

When questioned by the state assembly member Tiwari in this regard, he said that he had invested in the road when the people of the area, including the people of Chakwa, were finding it very difficult to move through the road. 

He said that he had constructed the wall in the pond for the purpose of road construction and protection of temples in coordination with various ministries and offices.

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