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'There has been no discussion about shifting the Aryaghat from Pashupati'

Kathmandu: There has been no discussion on the issue of relocating the existing ghats in the Pashupati area. Dr. Chandramani Adhikari has told. 

The master plan passed by the Board of Directors of Pashupati Area Development Fund and submitted to the Council of Ministers for approval was opposed by stakeholders including culture and heritage experts and locals.

After that, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, after finalizing the master plan, discussed with all the concerned stakeholders. Dr. A task force was formed for the review under the coordination of the officer.

The coordinating officer of the task force told Desh Sanchar, "The task force has not discussed the issue of shifting the ghat to Pashupati area. We haven't talked about it as it came out and it's not a big deal. '

Recently, it was reported that the Area Development Fund was preparing to propose to relocate the existing ghats along the Bagmati River.

The coordinating officer said, "There has been talking of taking the water of Brahmanal to Bhashmeshwar Ghat and electric crematorium." But the pier is a very sensitive subject. It is a subject connected with religion, culture, psychology, psychology, empathy. Decisions are not taken lightly. The issue of relocation has not been included in the task force.

Stating that they are in the process of finalizing the review report, the coordinating officer said that discussions and consultations will be held with experts in the entire field when any conclusion is reached on any issue. He said that although the work was affected due to the coronavirus epidemic, they would submit a report to the ministry soon.

Similarly, Narottam Vaidya, a state assembly member from Kathmandu Constituency No. 4 (a), who is also a local resident, said that the board of directors of the fund should not come to a decision on a sensitive issue like Ghat. He said that a decision should be taken by including the views of all through a big debate on issues related to humanitarian sentiments and ancient culture.

Meanwhile, Pashupati Area Development Fund Member Secretary Dr. Pradip Dhakal, on the other hand, said that there was no discussion on relocating the existing ferries and there was no truth in the issue.

He told Desh Sanchar, "We have not talked about moving or demolishing the existing piers. The existing ghats and chitas remain the same. But we have talked about capacity building. '

He said that they are preparing to propose the expansion of the capacity of Aryaghat in view of the increasing pressure in the future due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Member Secretary Dhakal said, "There is no question of relocating the existing places. But as the population pressure and growth rate increases in the future, the pressure for the funeral will increase, so we are preparing to propose the management and alternative arrangements for the ghats to maintain the beauty of the Pashupati area.

'There is no preparation to move the leopards. How can that leopard be moved? ' Member Secretary Dhakal said.

Stating that they are managing the wharf by forming a branch, Dhakal said that various forms of long-term management options should be considered immediately.

He said that initiatives are also being taken to increase the capacity of electric cremation. At present, there are 12 crematoria in the Pashupati area, two in the Brahmanal area, and 10 in Bhashmeshwar Ghat.

The electric crematorium has three machines, according to the fund. Member Secretary Dhakal said that measures are being taken to manage the water of Brahmanal at Bhashmeshwar Ghat and the electric crematorium.

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