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Three people, including Jwala Sangraula, have been arrested.

KATHMANDU: Three persons, including a self-proclaimed social activist Jwala Sangraula, have been arrested on the charge of beating a woman at the police office. According to Kathmandu Police Chief SSP Ashok Singh, Sharmila Waiba and Himal Upadhyaya have been arrested along with Jwala.

According to the police, Khushbu Ghimire was arrested on the basis of an FIR filed against him. Sangraula is also accused of abusing Assistant Inspector of Police (ASI) Manikant Jha of the Traffic Police Circle, Maharajgunj.

She had made racist remarks threatening to transfer Jha. It was revealed that Jha's case was transferred during the fierce protests. Later, the traffic sent him back to Maharajgunj.

Sangraula was also beaten by the victims

Sujan Khatri and Suman Chitrakar have also beaten Vela Sangraula on behalf of the victim. He has described himself as an activist of the youth association.

The victim Khushbu is also the leader of the youth association. According to the Kathmandu Police, the person who beat Sangraula has also been arrested.

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