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Alternative oxygen tank in BP Hospital

Dharan: An alternative oxygen tank has been brought into operation at BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan. In case of breakdown of the oxygen plant being produced by the establishment, alternative oxygen has been provided for the purpose of serving the patients through a liquid oxygen tank. 

Corona-infected patients are being treated with artificial oxygen after their oxygen levels are low. As the number of infected people increased and the demand for oxygen skyrocketed, a 20,000-liter capacity liquid oxygen tank was installed inside the BP establishment. Chudamani Pokharel informed. An alternative oxygen tank has been brought into operation by completing the construction of a 35 feet high oxygen bullet inside the hands of the establishment. The construction work was completed by inviting tenders from the budget of Rs 8 million provided by the federal government for the operation of the tank. Pokharel informed. 

The oxygen plant operated at the institute has been producing 1,600 liters of oxygen per minute. Arrangements have been made to supply oxygen to the patients from the alternative liquid oxygen tank in case of malfunction of the oxygen plant. Divyaraj Mishra informed. He said that liquid oxygen can sustain the establishment for 5 to 6 days. 

The emergency room of the institute, all the wards, ICU, NICU, and even Covid Hospital have been tested from the pipeline, and oxygen supply has been arranged. Egypt has said. With the operation of the liquid oxygen tank, the problem of lack of oxygen in the establishment has been solved. In case of depletion of liquid oxygen, oxygen can be replenished by supplying liquid from India through bullets.

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