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A half-naked body of a woman was found in the river

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A half-naked body of a woman was found in Gachhiya Khola in Morang's Sundaraharaincha Municipality on Monday.  

The locals informed the police after seeing the body of the woman in the river. The body was found lying on the bank of the river near the house.  

Stating that the half-naked body of the woman was found lying on the bank of the river, Morang Police Chief APC Janardan GC said, The clothes were found near the spot but could not be found.

Manje Rishidev, 26, husband of the deceased was found under control and a general dispute broke out between the husband and wife on Sunday evening.  

The incident is suspicious as there was a dispute between the husband and wife and the next day the body was found naked in the river, said SP GC. Both of them used to come home after consuming alcohol and used to quarrel on a daily basis. The cause of the accident could not be ascertained as no external injuries were found on the body of the deceased woman. The truth will be revealed after the post-mortem report and further investigation.

Manje, who was in poor financial condition, was earning a daily wage while Mrs. Gachhiya was working in the river collecting stones and ballast. They have 2 sons and 1 daughter under the age of 8. The body has been taken to BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharani for postmortem, police said. 

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