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Five Chinese gamblers arrested from Thamel

Police have arrested five Chinese nationals for gambling at a hotel in Thamel.

A team from the Metropolitan Police Circle, Lanchaur, arrested the Chinese national from the Xiao Xiang Hotel run by Chinese citizen He Xiaolong.

On Wednesday night, about 10 budget police teams had reached the hotel at JP Mode in Thamel.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Durga Prasad Dahal said that the police arrested the operator while he was gambling.

According to him, the arrested persons are He Xiaolong, Pei Chuangchi, Hu Wangbin, He Fuyu, and Li Xiao Tong.

According to Dahal, Rs. 123,000 in cash, an electronic tablet used for gambling, cards, and plastic pieces were recovered from them.

Police said that action has been taken against them under the Gambling Act.

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