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Implementing software aimed at discouraging illegal mobile use

Kathmandu: Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) has implemented software with the objective of discouraging illegal mobile usage from today.

According to NTA, the Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) has been implemented and this system will block illegal mobiles entering Nepal and only legal mobiles will be operated. Now you have to register IMEI of mobiles bought from abroad or as a gift. IMEI number can be registered from the Telecommunication Authority's website.

You can also check if the IMEI number of your mobile is registered from the website. But unregistered mobiles do not shut down immediately. According to NEA, work is underway to list the IMEI number of the mobile and the IMEI number registered by the user in MDMS.

According to NEA, the system has been implemented with the objective of discouraging the use of mobile sets stolen abroad or entering Nepal without paying taxes.

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