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Ten thousand new motorcycles registered every month

Kathmandu: The Gurjudhara-based Transportation Management Office registers 10,000 new motorcycles every month. Recently, the number of motorcycle users of various companies has increased and the pressure of registration in the office has increased.

Office Chief Deepak Kumar Pokharel informed that about one thousand two-wheelers are also registered outside the Kathmandu Valley. At present, 129 lots of motorcycles are registered. Thus, with the increase in vehicle registration, the country's trade deficit will increase further, which will have a negative impact on the economy.

Motorcycles are renewed at the office, taxes and revenue are paid, and names are transferred when buying and selling. The office is operating by renting a house under Bagmati Pradesh.

It has been found that the service recipients have to move to different buildings according to the nature of the work. The workroom has also been divided for the services and facilities to be provided to the service recipients according to a lot of motorcycles. Due to Kovid, the crowd has been reduced by half due to the implementation of the Odd-Even system.

After seeing the service recipients above Gurjudhara Chowk, there are many well-known centers to attract the middlemen and provide services for a fee.

It is not easy for service recipients to escape from such centers. In the office and in the surrounding area, the accountant and other shops tell the client, 'Your work is done at once, stay. There is no shortage of intermediaries saying 'we will do it.

Although the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport has tested the land twice for the construction of an office building on the site, which has about 33 ropanis of land, it has not materialized.

The transport office is now under the state government. Although the government has allocated Rs. 7 million for the construction of the building in the current fiscal year, the issue of construction of the building is in doubt until the land in the name of the center is handed over to the state government. The land in the Ranju Marg area where Hetauda used to be operated in the past has been taken for the construction of the Transport Office building.

Due to lack of manpower, the service recipients have to wait for time to get the service quickly in the office.

According to the office, there were 55 employees when 40 lots of motorcycles were registered but now the number of employees has not increased even though the workload has increased three times.

19 employees have been added to the contract. Employee Muktinath Bhatt says that there is some problem in the performance of work due to the crowd of service recipients and the shortage of staff.

The office, which collects Rs 6 million to Rs 7 million daily, has rented four buildings and run its daily activities. About two lakh rent has been paid monthly. रासस

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