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The metropolis that erased the free image of 'Frontliner' will spend millions to make another image

KATHMANDU: The Kathmandu Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) on Wednesday erased a painting made on the wall of the sky bridge at Ratna Park in honor of those who were deployed in the forefront of the Kovid-19 epidemic. Under the direction of Mayor Vidya Sundar Shakya, the corporation has deleted this picture and is now planning to make another picture by spending its own budget.

This painting, which was made by four artists and three volunteers in six days on June 12, is being criticized everywhere after it was suddenly erased by the corporation.

Durjang Sherpa was given permission by the ward office of ward no.

However, under the direction of Kathmandu Mayor Vidya Sundar Shakya and Chief Administrative Officer Rajeshwar Gyawali, the ward office will not be allowed to give such permission.

Administrative Officer Rajeshwar Gyawali claimed that the picture was ready due to a lack of proper coordination between the ward and the metropolis. He also informed that the metropolis has made a plan to make a new picture at the place where the picture was deleted.

While the artist was painting, Gyawali also visited the spot and inquired about the painting. Gyawali claims that the picture was made without further discussion even if he was asked to come to the metropolis for discussion after showing the recommendation of the ward.

"Now we are painting murals in the place that reflect the art and culture of the Kathmandu Valley," he said. "For some time, there has been a picture showing respect for the front liner. Now, a new picture will be made there." That's why we deleted the picture. '

He said that paintings based on fine arts will also be painted in other possible areas of the metropolis. Gyawali says that the property department of the metropolis will work for that.

Archana Shakya, head of the property department of the metropolis, said that the money will be allocated in next year's budget to draw the picture. She said discussions are underway to allocate funds for it in next year's budget and it will be finalized after some time.

The corporation had deleted the picture saying that it was forbidden to draw pictures, post pamphlets and posters on the walls and put up hoarding boards. But now he is preparing to make more pictures by spending his own budget. According to the artists, millions should be spent to make such a picture.

Artists say the murals were created in honor of those who went out to work while most people in the city were indoors during the Corona epidemic. The picture showed masked health workers, sanitation workers, police, pilots, journalists, and corpse managers.

Dojang Sherpa, the imaginator of the picture, says that the metropolis has insulted the frontliner, art, and hard work by deleting the picture by taking permission in the heart of the capital to honor those in the forefront of epidemic control.

"By writing We Will Rise Again, and Together We Can, we wanted the world to know that this picture is of Kathmandu," he said. "However, we are saddened when the metropolis suddenly erases the picture." '

He said that Rajeshwar Gyawali, the chief administrative officer from the Kathmandu Metropolitan Corporation, showed the letter to the ward after asking about the painting. He said that the metropolis, which did not say anything on that day, deleted the picture without giving any prior notice.

"We did not build it without permission, nor did we have any business interests," he said. "The corporation has made a mockery of our hard work by painting on the work done to encourage those who work in the service of the people."

Locals and people's representatives in the area have also expressed concern after the picture created to 'motivate' the front row workers was abruptly deleted. Ward Chairman of Ward No. 28 Bhairam Khadgi said that the recommendation was made in such a way that the picture could be made after the proposal of a respectful and awakening picture was made.

"The metropolis has abruptly deleted it," he said. "I will raise this issue in the executive meeting."

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