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Yogesh Bhattarai's demand to dismiss Akhil and Youth Force

Kathmandu: CPN (UML) leader Yogesh Bhattarai has objected to the formation of Youth Force and Akhil Force by Chairman KP Sharma Oli's faction and Madhav Nepal faction.

Stating that other organizations have been formed through the group under the cover of ANNFSU and Yuvasangha in the party, Bhattarai questioned its justification. "What is the justification of the Youth Force All Force, which has been formed under the cover of organizations like UNRWA and the Youth Union?" Bhattarai has questioned.

Only recently have factional organizations been formed within the UML. ANNFSU has formed an all-force force near the Madhav group, which has formed a parallel people's organization. After the resurgence of the Youth Force by Chairman Oli's party, the Nepal Group has formed the All Force. The Youth Association near Nepal is also preparing to revive People's Volunteer 'PV'.

Bhattarai has remarked that by creating different organizations within the party, a sense of terror has been created in the society and the youth has been de-politicized and criminalized.

Leader Bhattarai has also urged Chairman Oli and Leader Madhav Nepal to immediately dismiss such groups.

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