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I left the country to avoid the bloodshed: Ghani

Kathmandu: With the Taliban occupying Afghanistan, many countries around the world have shown interest and concern.

As the Taliban increases pressure, there is growing interest in where President Ashraf Ghani left the country and why he left. Meanwhile, President Ghani has said, "I left the country to save the country from bloodshed." 

He wrote on his Facebook page that he had to leave the country and that it was very difficult for him to make that decision. Stating that the Taliban had won with spears and guns, Ghani said it was now up to the Taliban to protect the countrymen, their honor, property, and self-respect. 

He also mentioned that the Taliban now faces a new historical test. "The Taliban will protect the name and honor of the country and its people or give priority to other areas or networks," he wrote.

Ghani said the Taliban's challenge was to gain the trust of all parties, allies, sectors, and especially women when many did not have faith in the Taliban. 

Vice President Amarullah Saleh has left Afghanistan along with President Ghani after the Taliban insurgent group reached the outskirts of the capital Kabul. Ghani has reached Tajikistan from Afghanistan. 

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