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The biggest idol of Bhagwati in Asia is being made in Arghakhanchi

Sandhikharka: The idol of the largest Bhagwati temple in Asia will be replaced at the Argha Bhagwati temple in Arghakhanchi.

Hari Vohora, a technician of Sandhikharka Municipality, said that the municipality will place a 21-foot idol at a 10-foot base at the Argha Durbar or Argha Bhagwati Temple in Sandhikharka Municipality-9.

Argha is a beautiful place of natural, cultural, historical, and archeological importance located on the top of a high hill. There is now a Bhagwati temple and a palace in the place where Rajkaj ruled during the Baise kingdom. The temple, which has been in existence since the fifteenth century, hosts a special fair on the full moon day of Vijayadashami.

Kamal Prasad Bhusal, mayor of Sandhikharka municipality, said that the statue will be installed to take tourists to Supa Deurali, a religious tourist spot in Lumbini and Arghakhanchi.

The Argha kingdom, which existed in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, was ruled by the descendants of District Rai. From Rai to Shah, known as Shahi, the local king selected a safe area and established Shakti Peetha as the capital at the foot of the hill.

The palace, built of a combination of local wood, stone, brick, tile, and metal, is surrounded on three sides by an open south side. Later, with the unification of Palpa, Nepal merged with the state.

Narayan Aryal, chief administrative officer of the municipality, said that the statue and base are being constructed at a cost of Rs 19.9 million. Chief Administrative Officer Aryal said that Muna Nirman Seva is constructing the sculpture and skilled sculptors are constructing the sculpture in Lalitpur.

According to popular belief, the word Argha originates from the same name as the goddess came out while offering yogurt as Argha in the Bhagwati temple in Argha. With the unification of Palpa and the unification of Nepal, snow chains can also be seen from this place.

 According to Bhusal, the Sandhikharka municipality, the district headquarters, has started installing idols to attract religious tourists after the slowdown in economic and business activities.

Thakur Kumar BK, Deputy Chief of Sandhikharka Municipality, informed that various works are being carried out in different areas along with Argha Durbar to bring bustle in the Sandhikharka market, which has seen less activity since the formation of the local government. 

Narayan Pokhrel, a technician at Sandhikharka Municipality, said that the statue was set up at Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, along with Resunga in Gulmi and Swargadwari in Pyuthan. The road to the temple has been paved at the initiative of the municipality.

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