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Now only trained drivers will be allowed to operate ambulances

Now the ambulance driver has to take training from the National Health Training Center. The Ministry of Health and Population has issued a new 'National Ambulance Directive-2078' stating that only trained drivers can drive an ambulance. Earlier, everyone with a driver's license was allowed to drive an ambulance. Drivers will now be able to drive an ambulance only after five years of licensing experience. 

When operating an ambulance, it should be of 'A' or 'B' class and all ambulances must have a four-wheel drive, power steering, suspension chain system. The guideline states that revenue exemption has been provided only for 'A' and 'B' class ambulances. It is mentioned that medical officers, health assistants, or nurses must be kept for class A and B ambulances and those health workers must have received the prescribed training.  

Similarly, GPS must be connected to every ambulance. All ambulances must be affiliated with the dispatch center so that the public can get service from the same number and application.

Similarly, ambulance drivers and health workers in ambulances have to wear dark pink jackets and dark blue pants by emergency medical technicians. Similarly, there will be a national dispatch center and a provincial dispatch center. The guidelines state that the centers will manage the required manpower in the ambulances and facilitate and guide the sick or injured for emergency first aid until the ambulances reach the spot.

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