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French clergy sexually abused over 200,000 children since 1950, report finds

PARIS:  Catholic priests in France have sexually abused 216,000 children. A French investigation has revealed that the same number of children have been sexually abused by clergy since 1950. 

French researcher Jean-Marc Souve has released a lengthy report on sexual abuse in the French Catholic Church. But if you look only at the research of the Catholic Church in France, there are alarming facts. If you look at the statistics, including the members other than the clergy, the number of victims of sexual abuse is still double. 

According to the report, children below the age of adolescence are the most affected.

The report took more than three years to complete. The 2,500-page report found evidence of more than 115,000 priests and more than 3,200 defendants, according to the BBC.

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