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In a country like ours, monarchy without democracy and democracy without monarchy is not relevant: King Shah (Video)

Kathmandu: Former King Gyanendra Shah has said that democracy cannot be relevant in a country like Nepal without monarchy and without the monarchy.

On the occasion of Vijaya Dashami, the former King Shah expressed his best wishes for peace and happiness to all Nepalis inside and outside the country.

"Even though the current situation of the country has forced us to take different responsibilities, we have come to realize that without democracy, monarchy and without monarchy, democracy cannot be relevant in a country like ours. "We believe that respect for the nation will unite all Nepalis, regardless of whether they believe in democracy, progress, or any other ideology," he said in a statement issued on Tuesday.

In the message, the former king said, "We are of the view that positive and country-friendly politics improve the situation by remembering the glorious law and order of the past. We are no one above the country. '

In a congratulatory message issued by the former King Shah on Tuesday, it is said, "Our society is not separated from the traditional ideals and ancestral ancestors. But our political and political behavior could not be in line with that. For the sake of public welfare, it should be based on the divine belief of political cleanliness, popularity, and fulfillment of people's aspirations. But the political system is entangled in itself, its group, and the factions within it. '

The message said earlier, "Ordinary Nepalis trapped in the epidemic of Corona epidemic, many natural disasters, unemployment, high prices, and instability are able to experience true service and public interest?"

"People should be able to feel the impact of any change in their daily lives," he said. The message said, "The essence of any change is related to the country. "Unfortunately, the commercialization of education and health, the corruption of development work, the administrative and political professions that benefit a limited number of people, and the deviations in the judiciary are all clouded with despair."

"Similarly, our hearts are burning because the foreign policy of making sovereignty, nationality, and national unity are rare, endangering fundamental religions and cultures, and focusing on the national interest has become unbalanced and added challenges to national security interests," Shah said in the message.

"Every citizen has the right to free thought and belief," he said. "The monarchy does not discriminate on the basis of ideological beliefs, nor is it our belief or tradition," he said in the message. The history of the Shah dynasty has made it clear that no solution to any problem has been sought from outside the perimeter of national needs and people's aspirations.

He has mentioned that patriotism and feeling towards the nation cannot be eradicated even if it is in people. He says, 'It blooms in the right way at the right time. For some time now, we have understood the views expressed by the responsible and patriotic citizens as being concerned about the nation, not only expressing national devotion and loyalty but also communicating nationalist consciousness among the common Nepalis.

(Source: Deshsanchar)

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