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MCC's land in the possession of Biplav CPN

Kathmandu: The Communist Party of Nepal, led by Netra Bikram Chand Biplava, has captured 385 ropanis of land at Belkotgadhi-7 Ratmato in Nuwakot district.

A team of district-level leaders of the CPN (Biplav) on Monday seized the land that the US Assistance Project (MCC) had bought (acquired) from the locals for about Rs 1.4 billion for the work under the project. The CPN (Biplav) leaders have planted the party's flag and asked those who have sold the land to use it. CPN (Biplav) leaders have warned not to allow MCC to enter and to take strict action if anyone tries to take the occupied land from the locals.

CPN (Biplav) cadres staged a sit-in on Monday demanding implementation of the three-point agreement reached with the government. The protesters have occupied the land acquired by the MCC by burying the party flag. -(Deshsanchar)

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