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The main festival of Nepalese, Dashain, begins today

Kathmandu: Dashain, The main festival of Nepal has started from today. Asoj Shukla is celebrated from Pratipada to the full moon.

Worship begins by invoking Goddess Durga, the presiding deity of Shakti, in the Vedic method in the house of worship and in the tenth house of the temple. Today, Jamara is planted methodically by bringing soil or sand from nearby rivers and clean places.

As barley sprouts are a favorite item of Goddess Durga, today they are planted and offered to Goddess Durga on the day of Vijaya Dashami.

This day is called Ghatsthapana, as the worship of Goddess Durga as a form of power is performed on the same Ghat by establishing the Ghat properly. The offerings of Goddess Durga are accepted on the day of Vijaya Dashami by anointing with the water of the full urn established today.

The committee has stated that the Shuva Sait of Ghatsthapana will be at 11:46 am. The lord of Chitra Nakshatra, Tvashta, i.e. Vishwakarma, and the lord of Vaidhriti Yoga, Aditi, i.e. the mother of the gods, should make peace with special worship.

The three forms of Goddess Durga, Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, and Mahasaraswati are worshiped in a methodical manner throughout NavratriMahakali is a symbol of power, Mahalakshmi is a symbol of wealth and prosperity and Mahasaraswati is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom.

On the first day of Shailaputri, on the second day Brahmacharini, on the third day Chandraghanta, on the fourth day Kushmanda, on the fifth day Skandamata, on the sixth day Katyayani, on the seventh day Kalratri, on the eighth day Mahagauri, and on the ninth day Siddhidatri is worshiped. These nine forms of Durga are also called "Nava Durga".

There is a classical rule that all human beings should worship Goddess Durga as it protects human beings from the demon and demonic tendencies.

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